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SHIPPING TERMS [ shipping is not built into our prices ]

Goods located in the UK shown on this website have ‘collection only’ prices.

Robert Morrison Antiques UK will issue an English tax invoice describing the item, with the ‘collection only’ price of the item. See further detail in terms and conditions.


Goods located in Malta shown on this website have ‘collection only ’ prices. But we deliver free of charge to Gozo or Malta [ including shipper’s depots in Malta nominated by the buyer;  on the basis, the shipper is authorised by the buyer on their behalf to check/inspect good’s condition and approve/formally ‘accept’ the goods. Such goods inside Malta are delivered to shippers unpacked /un-crated for legal reasons].

Robert Morrison Antiques Malta will issue to the buyer a Maltese  Invoice [ and corresponding Maltese fiscal receipt upon payment];  describing the item, with the ‘collection only’ price of the item. See further details in terms and conditions.


Goods offered from our eBay shop in the UK. Where ‘collection only’ prices are shown; buyers must arrange and pay for collection. On some items; free post to UK addresses is shown or export shipping to most countries; quoted at an extra charge, through eBay’s own global shipping program.  [ GSP]. eBay UK issues a receipt. On this eBay website, we have received 35,000 feedbacks at 100% positive .


Selling Antiques in UK and Malta. 

Supplying mainly other traders, including London dealers. Interior furnishers, decorators. Collectors.  Hotels, dwellings are furnished. Film props [ sale or rental ], for example, we have sold to Pinewood Studios this year.  We advise collectors. Suggest what items to buy and those to avoid. We can find items, recommend how / where to sell items. Valuations, inventories, and so on.

The Morrison family has been dealing in Maltese Antiques since the 1970s and was for many years by volume the largest exporter of Maltese Antiques. Exporting to Warwick, England. Amongst a wide range of general antique articles shipped out of Malta, there were some interesting items exported. For example, many iron bed frames with brass trim, which dissembled and suited shipping. Tea chests full of old keys and locks.  Also wrought iron railings, gates and grilles [ again stackable for shipping]. Stoves and oil lamps. By repute some of these items had previously been retrieved from WW2 bombed outbuildings, and hoarded en masse in cellars and suchlike. Elsewhere from the countryside came small wooden Maltese oxen ploughs which would fold for easy shipping. From old Malta/villages came boxes of wooden turned bobbins, with glass beads as desired by the American market.  We also exported Landau, and many horse-drawn hearses adorned with carved cherubim. Containers were filled and packed tight. On one occasion a container was shared with Lord Carnarvon for the export of goods to England. We even exported from Valletta an entire octagonal wooden flower seller’s kiosk shop with a cupola roof. Back In England, in the 60’s till the 90’s the US export market-led. Followed by at times, Australia and Japan. France and Belgium due to proximity were consistent markets. For many years much was exported to Italy, indeed Sicily notably Palermo for ‘ brown furniture ‘.For a time Sicilian shippers would smash / squash furniture flat, including chests of drawers to get more into containers. These items were going to be refinished anyway, to a high shine for the Italian market, such shine usually considered being undesirable in England.


Export and Returns, General Policy, Privacy policy.

  • All  communications shall be in the English language.
  • All dimensions shown or quoted on the website are for indicative and illustrative purposes only and are approximate and not exact. Shown Lidar iphone 13 measurements and hand measurements are limited in accuracy by geometry and are intended a guide not an exact measurement.
  •  For export collections and returns, buyers need to pay for , insure  and arrange shipping directly themselves and/or appoint their own contractors, must pay and bear when due; all costs associated with the collection , removal [or return] of items from/to Malta [ both export and import] ; such costs as , but not exclusively ;  local /national authority charges ,their own [ buyer’s ] local / national authorities charges , contractors charges , testing / inspection / treatment / fumigation for pest damage / mould /worm , charges pertaining to export and import, customs,  fees , duty ,   taxes , applications, professional fees , storage , dock fees , shipping, airfreight , road haulage , packing, unpacking , delivery , handling , permissions , vat , levies , charges , fines , payments , administration , any enquiries/ applications for or any type of , heritage or any permits or any other licence , facilitating device or instrument , or outgoings associated with or arising from the export / import of goods or arrangement thereof ; The seller shall not be required to add or combine shipping charges onto good’s invoices or within the price of goods ,or collect money to pass on towards buyer’s shippers/contractors/ agents. The seller is not liable for delays /restrictions due to customs or processes of export or import, or any resultant costs falling  to the Buyer including buyer’s failure to obtain export permissions. Depending on the circumstances and destination , the seller reserves the right to deny buyers to use the seller’s own EORI number , at the sole discretion of the seller , without reason . 
  • Distance selling regulations ; To arrange to accept back items ,  applications for returns must be pre-approved in writing/email by us. We will reply to applications within 7 days. Where we decide to approve a return , goods must returned in same condition as at time of sale ,  After receiving back items ; we have 30 days to both check condition of  goods and issue an approved refund  [ only to original buyer by the same payment method as the original payment ] . Written applications for return approval must be received by us within 15 days after buyer receives goods which for ‘distance selling’ legal purposes is date of delivery to buyer [not shipper] . The buyer , at same time of application for refund will have to produce documentation to establish date of delivery.  The buyer after both the date of making application for refund , and then date of notification of return approval ,  has 15 days at buyer’s cost to return the goods . It is still 15 days if the item has been exported.
  • No refund or partial refund at sole discretion of seller ; after the Buyer’s collection ;for delays due to customs or export processes , refusal of export permit , removal and handling of purchases ,or for items that are not returned in the prescribed timescale and manner. 
  • No refund or partial refund at sole discretion of seller ; if reason for return is defects , adaptions or repairs on an item known to have had those ; at the time of collection , or if defects , adaptions or repairs are listed , or referred to in generality on our product’s online description.
  • No refund or partial refund at sole discretion of seller ; if labels, maker’s marks or anything identifying or adding provenance to an item have been removed ,or if item has been dissembled , altered , or removed from frame where applicable.
  • No refund or partial refund at sole discretion of seller; if item has been damaged since purchase or collection  , or damaged by trying to repair it or getting someone else to do it . Or damaged in transit by a third party acting for the buyer. For the purposes of risk ,possession ; liability of the item passes to buyer at the location  , and time of collection.  If collected by a third party arranged by Buyer;  this point is defined as  ‘ acceptance by the buyer‘, and the seller is not responsible for an item after collection. It is Buyer’s risk to make or not make provision that the entity collecting purchases ‘making acceptance ‘ is duly authorised and qualified to inspect at time and location of collection .
  • No refund or partial refund at sole discretion of seller ; [other than under distance selling regulations] if buyer no longer wants an item (e.g. because it’s the wrong size or colour) ,or has changed mind , bought the wrong item ,or does not anymore need the item, or for example is an unwanted gift.
  • For returns it is Buyer’s responsibility to arrange and pay for the return of the item , the seller will not reimburse any original / outward or , return / inward shipping costs involved, or any associated consultations ,  additional fees , duties , costs , or charges however incurred.
  • Return goods received back , not eligible [at the sole discretion of the seller ] for refund will be stored free of charge until collection by buyer [at Buyers expense and arrangement ] for no longer than 12 weeks after the buyer is informed the item is not eligible for refund. After this 12 weeks the item will be considered legally abandoned . The buyer shall thereafter lose all claim by set off and deduction on the basis the seller is entitled to and will raise an invoice to buyer for storage ,[ 7 days before the expiry of the 12 week period ] which will become payable  [if served to the last email address provided or used by buyer]; on the first day after the 12 week free storage period expires –such invoice being payable in full for the following 20 days’s storage charge in advance , at a daily rate of 5% of the value of the original sale value. This shall apply notwithstanding any connected dispute . The same principles shall apply to any uncollected goods.

This website, displaying stock in England and Malta, is subject to the laws of England and is operated by English company number 04287796. Registered office; Stockpots Cookshops LTD, Alum House 5 Alum Chine Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, England, BH4 8DT, The website shows items for sale, which are available at the time of publishing, though since the time of publishing, though still shown, these items may become unavailable, reserved, or sold. Any item can be withdrawn from sale, or description altered at any time before removal from the display or invoicing.  By using this website the user or viewer agrees to indemnify the owner and operator of the website against any claim or loss arising from their use of the website.  The viewer by using this website also agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.


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