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A late Georgian or early Victorian era , probably Italian copy of an earlier oil by Titian. In a valuable early gilded carved wood and gesso frame which is possibly 18th century [ possibly predating the oil  ]. I think the painting is an early copy and is not a mass made late Victorian painting . It is a large painting with museum quality brushwork. The canvas is relatively tight with an even slight crackle to the paint. The item has minor defects ,damage and historical repair. The canvas has a varnish which I think may be shellac. I expect this coating is about 100 years old. The removal of the shellac / coating will make the picture bright and very vivid. The canvas currently has muted colour but restoration/ cleaning may be avoided depending on intended use ,location and lighting. The frame has chip and damp damage and corner mitres have opened up. It has untested untreated woodworm. The item is dusty and in raw unrestored condition. The original oil from which the copy is derived has the following information;
Young Woman with a Dish of Fruit
c. 1555
Oil on canvas
Staatliche Museen, Berlin
In the 1560s Titian began to record himself and his family. His daughter Lavinia, who was born after 1530, has been associated with the Girl with a Fan as well as with the Young Woman with a Dish of Fruit, and both portraits are characterized by a pride and affection that suggests a strong personal bond with the artist. However, it is now certain that the girl is not Lavinia, although she represents the same type.
[ by repute ; ex-private collection of Miss Doris Cassar Valletta ]

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