‘Victor Pasmore ; Cave of CALYPSO suite’ 1977 , 1 2 3 4 , framed , numbered and intialled in pencil by Pasmore

Malta - Collection Only


Victor Pasmore ; Cave of CALYPSO suite 1977 , 1 2 3 4 , numbered and intialled in pencil by Pasmore
From 3 sets [ which we imported from UK ] of these limited edition -printers proof prints, we have sold 1 set , 2 sets remain available for sale in Malta now . We will split at 2750 for any single. The sets of 4 framed are 10,000 for the set
*These are the last 2 proper sets we will EVER be able to offer as our sets are the last sets made from unused fresh original 1977 prints sourced from the original printers , and do not otherwise suffer from varying damage/discolouration/blemish differences of 4 random previously framed ones assembled , which otherwise may be needed to be gathered to make up /compile a set.

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