Sir Walter Raleigh after Millais TATE picture

UK - Collection Only


No attribution. ‘The Boyhood of Raleigh’ after [ copy of ] an original [[TATE GALLERY ]] circa 1870 by ;John Everett Millais [ painter of Pear’s Bubbles ] . Minor wear and defects. no frame. CIRCA 1960 a European copy [ not a Chinese reproduction] as its an English vintage canvas . Not print or simulated. Original oil on canvas not textured print..———–[ NPG.ORG extract; Windor and Newton ]; Section 10. Post-war canvas. Herga canvas first appears in 1951, described as ‘A single primed, pureflax Canvas with a very fine grain but with adequate tooth. This canvas was formerly known as “SpeciallyWoven No. R.114.” Like Winton, it is made of first-grade selected yarns. It is suitable for small figure work,landscapes all work with fine detail.

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