San Giovanni Nepomuceno Late 18th century oil on canvas Saint John of Nepomuk

UK - Collection Only


Fine original antique unsigned painting ; late 18th century or early 19th century . NO FRAME; wear, dirt , defects. Some looseness to canvas. Scratched on face and other places.

Addendum; the foliage may be ‘a palm of martyrdom ‘. San Giovanni Nepomuceno . Oil painting on canvas. The depicted Saint is John (Jan) of Nepomuk (Nepomuk before 1349 – Prague, 20th March 1393), canon in the cathedral of Prague and preacher at King Wenceslas’ court. He was patron of Bohemia, protector from floods and drowning. Traditionally depicted wearing the cassock, he is preying in front of the Crucifix with a halo with five stars on his head recalling the stars that – according to the legend – appeared when he was thrown into the Vltava River and drowned.

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