SOLD 2023 in MALTA ; Salvatore Colacicco , oil on mahogany S.S. Cumbria Hill

Malta - Collection Only

Salvatore Colacicco is a world-renowned marine artist who was born in 1935 in Bellagio, near Lake Como and studied at Brera Academy, Milan. He has been living in England for over thirty years. Nearly all Salvatore Colacicco’s paintings during that time had been exported to the United States and sold through Tonkins of Nantucket Island. These now adorn the walls of many a Board Room and Directors Office throughout the States.

Colacicco’s style of painting very much reminds one of marine artists throughout the 19th century with an obvious Italian feel. Among Colacicco’s achievements were 26 panels illustrating the history and development of the paddle steamer (of which he had made a special study of those used on the Italian Lakes), painted for the Russell Cotes Museum in Bournemouth and most works by Salvatore Colacicco fetch good figures at auction.

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