Sold by auction in Malta . RICHARD ENGLAND born 1937 Maltese pen and ink

Malta - Collection Only

[ Addendum to video—-The ‘nod to Cremona / Cremonaism’  linking the apparent sun to ground may allude to the chimney on the northern side of Fort St. Anglelo. However the pen and ink does not faithfully depict the rest of ;  or esp. upper . Fort St. Angelo. So the chimney may has been used as an extracted idea.]


Of reasonable size ; Circa 2010 this original ‘ series’ drawing artwork ; depicts Grand Harbour area . Probably Birgu environs , the three Cities. With look-out vedette guard-tower and Maltese features , the striking image represents Richard England , showing Malta in his totemic Maltese manner. The image is full  on / direct / core Maltese and not peripheral in subject. The semi-imaginary compostition is confident and emblematic / motif-like  . Using a sun to complete and balance composition ,  attached / linked to the ground ; perhaps the attachment with the influence of Cremona.

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