Oval portrait Gentleman 18th Century painting

Malta - Collection Only


In Malta. An oval oil on canvas of a gentleman. The oil appears late 18th century . The canvas has been relined. The oil shows a handsome smart man with good costume , good scarf and hair/wig. The Frame is possibly later. I think the frame is French ‘ second Empire ‘circa 1780 to 1820. [ The frame has ochre paint on rear , and is ‘very’ ‘full metal’ gilt ] I think the portrait is French or maybee English. The frame is water gilded and is full metal ,with many burnished coats of gold leaf. The spandrel [ olive and anthemion? ]decoration is carved wood with gesso. The oil may [ unlikely ]have been cut from a previous rectangular canvas with a blacked out oval section. The subject is not church or military. Possibly nobleman , possibly merchant , politician , professional , indeed industrialist. Stunning.

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