Printed canvas-backed oleograph oileograph PENSIVE JESUS with sacred heart SACRE COEUR ; MALTESE made gilt frame

Malta - Collection Only


NOT A PAINTING. Circa 1900 , probably French printed image. Real gold leaf water gilded Maltese made frame. Front gilded only with raw-wood sides coloured in ochre. BIG.

Taken from web; Catholics (and people in general) are visual people. Jesus knows this about us that’s why in addition to using parables to give us messages, He uses images to convey His messages. Seeing an image of the Heart of Jesus with thorns and the cross and flames certainly grabs our attention and speaks to us. He is saying, look at My Heart and see what I am feeling. The thorns around His heart are a representation of our sins and how our sinning pierces His heart. The flames and the cross serve as a reminder of the suffering He endured for our salvation and of His burning love for us. The dripping blood represents the blood Jesus shed for our salvation. That’s a pretty powerful message!

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