Pair solid carved wood ; early probably 18th C. Italian blackamoors , stylophore lions and rock effect plinths

Malta - Collection Only


Of notable and considerable antiquity ; Wormed / incomplete circa 1750 or earlier ; with later alterations / repair . Repainted faces and necks. Opposing ‘ TRUE ‘ pair of solid single block ; hacked out carved figures , with external added [ at time of manufacture ] timber trim and base sections. The rocky/grotto effect rusticated plinth has a Victorian era extension underneath ; deepening the original plinth in the same style. Between the legs / under the body gesso and pale paint residues are widespread. This finish would have originally covered the entire item[s] ;now its only existing externally in a few residual areas. Ochre , cream and gold leaf or gold lustre paint finishes remain on the items. The left figure has two new arms made of solid pitch pine with gesso /painted finish. The right figure has a missing hand /forearm , and arm. The left figure only has repair to cloak made of pine, plaster , filler , gesso , paper mache or similar [ or a combination of those ]. The right figures has an early wormed lion with broken tail. The left lion has a replaced wooden face. The trays have a ‘ gadrooned edge’ and are early 19th century with an original early ochre wiped paint effect. These trays do not extend to the full width of outstretched hands are possibly not original. The figures have the hallmarks/ style/manner of early religious saint/ holy carvings and differ from the later Georgian and Victorian Venetian blackamoors made for recreational /decorative use. In this sense they are possibly transitional. Decorative /speculative items of significant size. ; are and distinctive albeit in incomplete /distressed condition.

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