Pair oils Exotic 18th century LARGE ANTIQUE PICTURES in Malta

Malta - Collection Only


Addendum; frame probably early 19th century or [ as canvases have been reduced possibly ] original frame also possibly reduced in size.

In Malta. Large. A pair of oil on canvas paintings of exotic wild animals. 18th century possibly earlier.  Probably Italian , Sicilian or perhaps Maltese. Backgrounds evoking renaissance style. The lions head is in primitive medieval style ; indicating provincial painting or early depiction based on limited subject matter from which to copy. The paintwork is good and colours still strong. I see little religious symbolism ; the blood is not excessive and the intention was perhaps less for gore or allegory ; more for a realistic educational depiction of natural history. A snail is present. A serpent in acanthus. Eagle , lion , wolves. Rabbit . Probably original frames, needing repair. Probably from a noble home. The paintwork has a crackle , though is in reasonable condition. Historical repairs.

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