Pair ANTIQUE carved wood mirrors Military Trophy Cartouche

Malta - Collection Only


In Malta. A pair of cartouche effect mirrors circa 1880. An opposing pair /true pair [ with plumes facing different ways ] Probably North Italian? , probably made from Linden Wood or Lime wood. Or possibly a non dense mahogany or similar. Stained to a dark mahogany or semi-ebonized colour. Carved from solid wood with no pre-cast plaster or resin.The Crest depicts a fleur de lys effect group /plume of ostrich feathers? mounted upon an early style armour helmet with visor. The chest has early scale type armour depicted. Frame sides in the style of a heraldic or militaristic trophy , with arrows or spears , and axes. Ostrich feathers in art traditionally are associated with having becoming available since the Crusades. Unwinged helmets exclude Perseus. Otherwise vaguely point to Minerva in ancient classical code; particularly paired with panache/ plume, representing faith and fortitude. The mirrors in both may not be original , but in balance probably are. They are both old ‘ ripply glass ‘. There are a few specs of minor pleasing deterioration to the silvering. Some of the arrow tips are substitute replacements.

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