Pair antique oil paintings STILL LIFE fish melons squash

Malta - Collection Only



In Malta . An 18th or early 19th century pair of still life paintings , oils on canvas. Southern European with influence of a Dutch still life. The frames despite very early appearances and style from circa the circa 16th century ; are actually mid 20th century linden wood [or similar ] frames , carved by hand to an early style ‘; detailed , well defined with acanthus , rope , and on the outside a basic ‘egg and dart’ /gadrooned edge. These frames are made of glued plain long lathes and have mid 20th century hooks , with no old hook holes. The oils have been relined and the original canvas can be seen attached to the new backing. The paintings are naive and ‘ brushy’ where paint strokework is spontaneous. They are very much kitchen table scenes. They are large and colourful and not gloomy /dark. The grouping adequately fills the canvas and the painting is not dominated by excessive black background. The raw carved wood frames are very uncommon. Woodworm active or dormant in frame , [ considered inactive ]

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