Orientalist Hans Jacob Hansen painting STREET MARKET watercolour

Malta - Collection Only


In Malta. In new case with unpierced original backing, with good labels ; Orientalist watercolour. By Hans Jacob Hansen 1853-1947 , RSW 1906-13. Born Leith the son of a merchant and shipbroker and brought up in Leith and Edinburgh where he studied art under R.B Nisbet and J Ross, developing a style superficially similar to his is fellow Scottish contemporary, Arthur Melville (1855-1904), using a technique of painting onto wet paper and carefully allowing certain areas of colour to run together with details being added as the paper dried. Hansen worked extensively abroad in the Middle East, North Africa and Spain painting Eastern markets, harems and bullfighting scenes. He won a silver medal at Salzburg International Exhibition , Royal Scottish Academy and at numerous other venues. In 1906, Hansen was elected a member of the Royal Scottish Watercolour Society. In 1911, Hansen moved to London where he continued to paint until his move to Southend-on-Sea at the end of his life. Hansen is remembered as one of the great Scottish painters of the 20th Century, and his works are represented in the collection of the Glasgow Art Gallery. extensively abroad in the Middle East, North Africa and Spain visiting Russia in the 1870’s. Exhibited RA 1891-1918.

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