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MALTESE sgraffito TRIM / COLOURWAY gold leaf water gilded pair tapered plinths columns stands PEDESTALS

A pair of Maltese ; Victorian or Edwardian era hand painted , and water gilded pillars /pedestals / stands. Column style supports for display . The water gilding is real gold , with some sgraffito detailing. The gilding is well burnished and widespread. Painted decoration ; upon gesso with bole , upon pine carcasses .Areas of corner and other trim have a very rare raw sealed gesso , giving unusual white coloured areas of detail and contrast. The base boxes not attached, and are removable if shorter stands are required. The items tops and bottoms can be turned to show different coloured sides. The primary background colours are red and green. The painted panels feature flowers and ribbons. The pair is very slightly not quite an identical pair. I believe they have different base heights to take into account perhaps ; a floor at different heights.

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