Oil on canvas Attributed to Charles Howard Hodges

Malta - Collection Only


Addendum , attributed to Charles Howard Hodges (1764 in Portsmouth – 24 July 1837 in Amsterdam), was a British painter active in the Netherlands during the French occupation of the 18th and early 19th century. This attribution raises the probability the sitter may be English or otherwise.
Maltese / Italian BEJEWELLED LADY with LACE early to mid nineteenth century oil on canvas.
In Malta , an early to mid nineteenth century oil on canvas. The Lady is bejewelled and reputedly Maltese Nobility but could be Italian or Sicilian I suppose.
The [ paisley?] cuffs are particularly intricate with lots of red. I would estimate date at 1820 to 1840 . The painting is relined with historial repairs.  I think the costume prevents this painting being 18th century but its possible? A modern 20th century frame .
The modern basic frame is NOT a good fit , though reasonable.

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