Maltese Geo . Furst Malta oil painting

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Geo. Furst. ; characteristic oil on board .

Born in 1888 [ died 1964 ], Fürst, came to Malta most probably in his early 20s. Some time before the start of the First World War, he was employed as secretary to the German consul. He was soon interred with several other Germans at Verdala Barracks, where he was to spend five years and where, it is said, he had his first lessons in art as a means to kill available time. He was to become quite a proficient painter and by 1922 he was writing to his mother-in-law in Malta that he was selling his pictures steadily in Munich. Like so many foreigners who come under the spell of the Maltese Islands, Fürst could not wait to return (with his Maltese wife Helen ‘Lily’ Debono whom he had married in 1912) as soon as he got the relevant permit from the British authorities. On the island, he must have at first put his artistic abilities to use, painting a few seascapes with ships, before turning to photography, in which art he was to discover his real calling. Armed with a “standard Agfa camera”, as he put it, Fürst went round the island shooting thousands of pictures.

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