In Malta Mary Magdalene after Jacob Herreyns

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Malta ‘collection only’ House of Simon. Mary Magdalene washing [ anointing ] the feet of Jesus Christ ‘ After the 17th/18th century painting of Jacob Herreyns I the Elder

In Malta [ usually ascribed as a wedding feast in Cana scene ] . Large . After the 17th/18th century painting of Jacob Herreyns I , the Elder 1643 – 1732 . I believe this painting is from  Italy possibly Malta / Siciliy , this copy dating from the early 19th century very possibly earlier , based on previous depiction by Herreyns . As the composition is accurate I believe it was probably reproduced in the presence of the original   . The painting has been relined I estimate around 130 years ago. I am guessing the existing frame is from around that time. The historical relining and restretchering is basic , as is the frame, though the finish and detail on the somewhat thin frame is good [ damaged ]. Areas of the original painting are missing , the top left , and across the bottom. I assume these areas were filled and painted in when it was relined. The painting now has a flaked brown shellac coating which when revealed will show light blues and deep reds. Cleaning will mean replaced areas will need repainting or retouching . The canvas is tight though perforated in some areas. The columns are high and give the canvas a squarish lofty /non landscaped shaped feel. The feast bench is wide and high and the impression of the painting at a glance is rather like ‘ the last supper.’ The picture is amazing , it has a presence. The layout of table , plates , Jesus’s foot washer, by the Magdalen , urns and jugs for wine and water is formulaic ; frontal ,[ dead square on] feast paintings go far back. For example there is a pre-Roman pre-Christian Etruscan feast painting in ‘ the Tomb of Leopards , Italy.  Defects ,damage ,flaking of paint and varnish , perforations, darkness due the varnish, overpainted filling, historical repair.’s%20account,hair%20to%20dry%20Christ’s%20feet.-books/bible-moralisee-of-naples/miniatura/1622’s%20account,hair%20to%20dry%20Christ’s%20feet.


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