After Tiziano Vecellio Titian The Three Graces painting

Malta - Collection Only


Italian School ; oil on canvas ‘after Titian’ . The 3/Three Graces, a copy circa 1850 of an earlier painting by Titian Tiziano Vecelli Vicellio circa 1485-1576. The painting is large with minor defects and damage ,and historical repair. It has a wooden frame wiped with gesso. The gesso has a bole layer then on top a silver leaf finish. Due to the age of frame I suggest the silver leaf is real silver. The silver leaf has shellac ,which gives the silver a gold leaf appearance. Such use of shellacked faux-gilt was/is widely used in Malta. It is still used especially with Church Festa decorations , nowadays using simulated silver leaf.The pine frame I think is original to the frame. The frame has chip and water damage. The canvas is relatively tight. The canvas is a near-faithful copy of the original . The canvas has a top coat of shellac which I estimate is 100 years old. This shellac has flaked off in some areas for example the chest of the central figure.Removal of such shellac will brighten the picture , and regilding would brighten the frame. The item is unrestored , yet restoration/cleaning may be unnecessary depending on its intended use ,location and lighting.

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