Daphne with Laurel , Apollo , Peneus ; after DeMura

Malta - Collection Only


Apollo chasing Daphne ,after DeMura. The subject alludes to ancient classical Greek subjects.  ‘Daphne carried / saved by Peneus’ . The other is ‘Apollo pursuing Daphne’  Apollo with semi-halo and the bow with its quiver , Daphne with Laurel sprouting fingers , which 100% identifies the scene . The pictures , as they are not opposing are possibly from a larger suite , for example with other parts of the story , for example the related Cupid , or the foliating Daphne arising from ground . There may have been maybee 4 or for example 6 or 12/more in an original full set. The oils are full of reds and blue.  Equestrian , castle , water ‘River of Peneus’ , tree interest . Probably Maltese Sicilian or Italian. Relined probably around 10 to 30 years ago. The frames and oils have had areas of early and recent historical repair, filling and retouching . The frames are bowed in some places . The repairs to oils and frames are reasonable but are not academic/conservation quality repairs. They are more like repairs for example ; to make the pictures presentable , saleable in a shop.

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