SOLD TO A LOCAL RESTAURANT , Parcel Gilt Mahogany shelves

Malta - Collection Only


Parcel Gilt Mahogany Maltese made colonial Anglo-Indian regency style shelves , with gold leaf effect trim

Custom made ; Hybrid design ; Solid Mahogany ; NO PLY-wood , no veneer  , made in Malta ,  circa 1960. With regency scrolls in a vaguely Anglo-Indian manner, with Maltese/Southern Italian carved flowers . Small and low. High quality . Gold leaf effect trim . The regency pedigree used ; is similar to shapes widely used , by neoclassical furniture makers  , for example like  ‘Marsh and Tatham’, who used scrolls, parcel gilt and similar devices. The effect bears similarities to the styles of ‘Empire Furniture’ from for example , Russia/Italy/France.

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