SOLD TO MALTESE COLLECTOR . Large Antique Ebonised picture frame .

Malta - Collection Only


Containing a print after Raphael . ”The Holy Family of Francis I (Raphael 1518 ) ” An early to mid Victorian picture frame . The continental religious print is antique with defects , with an early slightly ripply glass. Suitable for use as a mirror , or to take an oil of suitable dimensions. The bulk of the frame is pine.The outer edges have an ebonised reddish wood trim strip like mahogany. The ripple effect itself is regular and sized correctly and is gesso on wood or wood ; with paint . [These types of frames are widely sold as carved wood but usually are not.]. The finish is an ebonised paint on or within/ impregnated stain within a gesso material , upon gesso or carved wood. Areas of rubbing show an underlying blackish substrate as primer to the outer black finish. Extremely heavy. Full height screwed on rear steel / iron straps protrude at top rear as hanging hook holes.

The last image shows a similar item , where the painting is on panel / board.

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