Costello ROME ancient ruins snow OIL- sold in Malta 2023

Malta - Collection Only

In Malta. Italian painting signed G. Costello? 1868. ” ROME ancient ruins in the snow.” This picture is beautiful and beautifully done . In good original condition.The frame [ Italian ] has very rare sgraffito on real gold leaf , with burnished foliate panels and matt panels. The frame is worn with red bole showing through,and gaps at mitre joints. The frame is almost certainly original; has not been cut down as the corners still have cross sections of corner timber across the joints [ as seen on back of frame. ] . The frame itself is very good as an item in its own right . The frame has some gesso damage. The very back moulding of the frame on the outside has a band of decoration with bands. This too is rare.The canvas has a neat paper edge which appears to have been in situ before the painter started. The winter / snow subject is unusual for Rome . The item is quite large. This item is museum /stately home quality. The painting has a similar style ,sky, leafless branch and colour palette to many Dutch winter scenes.

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