A notable HMS Melita HMS Malta 1892 , Royal Navy ex- Battle of Sudan ship , G. D’ Esposito Maltese watercolour / gouache

Malta - Collection Only


HMS Melita [ Malta]  was a Royal Navy Mariner-class composite screw sloop of 8 guns, launched in 1888 and commissioned in 1892. She was the only significant Royal Navy warship ever to be built in Malta Dockyard,[Note 2] She was renamed HMS Ringdove in 1915 as a salvage vessel and in 1920 was sold to the Falmouth Docks Company, which changed her name to Ringdove’s Aid. She was sold again in 1926 to the Liverpool & Glasgow Salvage Association, renamed Restorer, and finally broken up in 1937, 54 years after her keel was laid

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