Early Ciancio Maltese photographs , After Carravagio , Valletta Malta. c.1900 possibly earlier

Malta - Collection Only


[ Price is for both ] THE WRITINGS OF ST. JEROME ; THE BEHEADING OF ST.JOHN ; 2 x hand coloured early Maltese photographs of original large Caravaggio works in St.Johns Cathedral ; Valletta ; Malta The Ciancio journey began with the first outlet called the Royal Studio, which was situated in Strait Street, Valletta, in what was then considered the social and economic hub of Malta. Originally a book binding company, John Ciancio’s passion for art led him to be one of the first people on the Island to begin to develop photography. Of course, this was not photography as we know it today. John Ciancio, was a pioneer of his time creating his photography by candle stick light and mixing raw chemicals, developing negatives on glass. All his work was by his own bare hands, until he found the perfect photo.

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