In Malta 18th century painting Virgin Madonna

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In Malta . 18th century ‘ Virgin Madonna with Jesus Child with lilies or flowers’ . Mary bearing power /with control and dominance over crescent moon and defeated dragon-evil-serpent. The crescent is cow-horn like and arises from early ancient Greek symbolism [Goddess Io ] and worship as a moon-cow Goddess . Arising from the Genesis 12; Woman of the Apocalypse , the Madonna carries symbolism; the ‘crown of 12 stars’ and being ‘robed in sun’ with ability to surpress the moon/darkness. The oval Sun ; with Ishtar to Annunciation peace / Holy Ghost single dove . Probably Maltese School , with perhaps Spanish but certainly Italian influence. Bought from one of the best private collections in Malta. Already was relined in a good later frame , the depiction is somewhat soft and friendly ,which is unusual. It lacks fear and austerity and is full of an intended optimism . The faces are all mildly smiling ; I think this is unusual . This picture would have hung in a Maltese ‘ parlour ‘ in a good / noble home , or possibly ,more likely in Church ‘presbytery’ property , priest-home even a church. This picture with maternal , protective undertone ;like many other religious ones ; would have sent a message of reassurance as well as desired / directed / instructed piety .
Note; the oval interpreted as a sun may be just a halo. No throne is imaged within the painting.

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