PAINTING oil on canvas Nile flood-plain

Malta - Collection Only


In Malta. Large . A very late 19th , much more likely early 20th Century oil on canvas depicting a camp by the Nile flood-plain. It is not an oasis as there are no hills. Palms, roses, camels , running water. The painting is Italian school in technique ,for example the way the clothing is painted , and indeed sky . Possibly sold as a rolled up ‘ware’ in Egypt to tourists. The frame is possibly Egyptian ,more likely European , fitted on the return of visiting tourists. Frame is pine with gesso trim.The frame mouldings are distinctly Egyptian in design pedigree , with floral mouldings ,Lotus flower similar to tomb carvings ,with a simplistic fans and inverted background fans , with overall rose gold coloured leaf ,and gold effect painted detail. The picture’s canvas has a small hole. The lotus symbolised sun , birth ,night , upper Egypt. Used in tombs ,notably the tomb and burial rites of Tukankhamun.

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