E ETTORE GIANNI Maltese Italian Naples Gouach

Malta - Collection Only


In Malta. Signed E. Gianni. A 19th century watercolour / gouache of Naples and erupting/steaming Vesuvius. ‘ Vesuvio from Posillipo’. Possibly a student with his sisters Maria and Livia under their father Girolamo Gianni, a painter of genre scenes of Malta, Ettore Gianni is known for his watercolor and gouache paintings of the Bay of Naples. Ettore Gianni ( Italian).A realist painting with bright sunny colours. Extreme careful detail. Perspective framed around the bay and Esplanade of Naples , with Castel del Ovo. [[the location of the white building is possibly 299 Via Posillipo ,looking over the low ruins of Palazzo Don’Anna ]]

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