Bronze after Giovanni de Martino

Malta - Collection Only


In Malta. A Bronze bearing the name [pictured ] ; Giovanni de Martino (Italian, 1870–1935). This bronze is not resin or spelter. It With original marble typed base . Circa 1950. The casting manufactory also left a mark on the bronze in a small rectangular panel[ pictured.] The net and mesh appear original.The plinth has a shell ,and the basket has fish inside. The design is not butterfly collecting as sometimes described.The torso and legs are lighter in colour to the rest and are applied colour. I believe this is not a result of over polishing ,may be due to application of less faux patina to desired dark areas / OR ?by coloured paint at time of manufacture , painted  as gildification . I do not think the light areas are ‘cold painted’ in the traditional sense of coloured polychromic decoration.

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