Carved Antique spread eagle

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Carved Antique spread eagle spreadeagle European carved wood WOODEN HERALDIC DEVICE decorative carving

Addendum; possibly a base for a console table?

[[[ related text  not necessarily associated with the eagle for sale ; instead related to last image [ item not for sale ]The use of an eagle as a support for a table was popularised in England by William Kent (1685/6 – 1748), the remarkable
designer of furniture, objects and architecture. Kent’s designs drew on his decade in Italy from 1709-1719, spent often in
the studio of painter Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari.
Kent’s design for an eagle table support is likely to be derived from designs by Giovanni Giardini, published by Disegni
Diversi (1714), this includes in particular an elaborate table which featured an eagle with spread wings in the centre. The
earliest recorded tables of this type were made for the Duke of Beaufort, between 1728 and 1733 by the carver John
Phillips who was paid £444 9s 6d for work at Badminton House, Gloucestershire. ]]]



In Malta. With possible connections to Mantua, a probably North Italian carved eagle with side facing head. Carved from one principal chunk of wood , possibly linden/lime or poplar.The base has a rounded carved display of flowers carved from the same block. An added plank covers the base. The head has a dowel stump , where a crest or possible crown may have been. The Eagle does not appear to have been outdoors. It may be from inside a church or court. I do not think it was a bowsprit. The whole item has a gesso wiping with a yellow / ochre bole paint wiping. This base coat has a bleached ,aged ,worn crackled bronzey brown painted finish on the front ,yellowy on the rear. The bole may/would have been intended for gilding [ or painting ] though no gold leaf is definitely proveably visible. The rear shows shaped wrought iron reinforcement scraps. The straps are of considerable age and may have been added to strengthen visible cracks / weaknesses in the wings. I think the straps are about 200 years old and the eagle is older than the straps.

Addendum .

Jupiter’s Eagle  , Venetian , Napoloeonic , Roman Eagle ?

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