Cartagloria CARTA GLORIA set 3 altar cards , water gilded carved wood frames , in triptych effect

Malta - Collection Only


Circa 1880 . Italian possibly Maltese , in early style with real gold leaf water gilding . Rare to see a set of three .

The carteglories are three tables, placed on the altar , usually inside a frame [2] , one in the center, the two on the sides and which show some Latin formulas of the Roman Missal which are part of the ordinary of the mass and therefore normally invariable. The carteglories serve the priest to remind him of the formulas to be recited, particularly if the rubrics required that the missal be at the other end of the altar at that moment.

The central cartagloria shows the prayers of the Canon and the Offertory , from which derives the name of the table secretarum or of the Canon , furthermore other formulas and prayers can be added such as the Gloria in excelsis Deo , from which the name cartagloria, the Creed and other prayers.

The cartagloria placed in cornu Epistulae (on the right when facing the altar) bears the Lavabo psalm and the Deus qui humanae substantiae which the priest recites during the ablution in the Offertory, while the missal is on the opposite side of the altar, i.e. in cornu Evangelii , where it was placed for the reading of the Gospel. The other table, on the opposite side, contains the beginning of the Gospel according to John [3] called the Last Gospel, because it is almost always recited identically at the end of the mass, far from the missal which after communion was put back to the side of right for the reading of the communion antiphon and the prayer after communion.

The Latin formulas contained in them are generally to be recited in an imperceptible voice.

The carteglories placed on the altar for mass are removed for other liturgical or para-liturgical actions such as Eucharistic Adoration .

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