reserved for client ; Busuttil Toussaint, Maltese 1912-1994 original pencil drawing based on an earlier antique engraving

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[   The last 5 images relate to a similar ‘ school age’ works by Toussaint offered in  Malta by another merchant   ]  ——————————— Busuttil Toussaint [1912-1994] Better known as Tusè, he was born in Zejtun on the 8 of January 1912, son of Giovanni and Maria Caruana. Apparition of the Angel to Cornelius the Centurion A pencil copy ‘after Paglie’, done at a young age , possibly school or studies , [ possibly by camera lucida or tracing paper / other device ] of ‘Apparition of the Angel to Cornelius the Centurion ‘ , after an 1878, engraving by Sabattini from a painting by Gioacchino Pagliei (1852-1896) from L’Illustrazione Italiana, year 21, no 51, December 23, 1894. The pencil version [now framed ] releases much graphite when wiped , has an added oil lamp not featured in the print or original painting , different detail on the columns to the print , but such detail is present on the original painting . Different height on the left side of chair top rail in the pencil drawing as opposed to both the print and original painting .

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