A rare Count Vittorio Amadeo Amedeo Preziosi ( Maltese, 1816-1882)

Malta - Collection Only


Aloysius Rosarius Amadeus Raymundus Andreas, 5th Count Preziosi

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Watercolour on tinted paper , signed and dated 1855 , in Belle Epoque effect frame. Frame is pine on gesso with gold colour or gold leaf. Mounted with unusually wide margin which I consider original to frame and time of slightly later framing of the painting perhaps circa 1880 . Pine , probably not ply backboards. Dated ’55 , signed Preziosi , without intials . Preziosi often does not sign , and sometimes signs with only the initial ‘P’. Some minor discolouration of paper and paint , minor punctures and damage. . Gouache type paint still widely remains , still holding varied bright colours.

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