Early PAIR CAPRICCIO Epiphany – Adoration of the Magi / Nativity OIL PAINTINGS 18th C.

Malta - Collection Only


Large Early PAIR antique CAPRICCIO capriccios OIL oils on canvas NATIVITY /EPIPHANY scenes 18th C.

Malta . A pair of large Capriccios . [ This is the type of painting not the name of the artist ] . Italian school most likely 18th / possibly 19th century oils on canvas. Large ; Depicting Epiphany and the Nativity , 3 kings and so on. With palms and camel these paintings are biblically exotic. Formulaic scenes, arising from many similar Neapolitan examples , with near identical ruins and arches. These paintings include much religious content , things like streams/beams of heavenly ‘guiding star’ sunshine / light , halo’s etc; and are provincial , for example they depict rudimentary anatomically incorrect animals [ camels ]. For these two reasons they may be Sicilian or Maltese .

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