Marine folk oil painting Lowestoft SHIP

UK - Collection Only




Wear , dirt , staining ,damage and defects. An English [ Lowestoft LT/ known historical boat ] primitive naive original oil of good size. It is museum/collectors quality and of identifyable historical interest . It is not gloomy and is quite colourful ,with busy full composition. It bears a date and bears a signature/name. It is numbered. I do not know why it is numbered and we cannot authenticate this number,or the date or signature/name ,though its probable the date ,number and signature are each authentic. The date ,name and number have feint a scribed border around them which is odd. The item is not a print or copy/simulated oil. Brushwork and paint crazing is evident and it is not clear-gel simulated brushwork over a print. The frame is Victorian and is birds eye maple veneer or similar on a pine/carcass moulded frame . The frame’s external measurement approx is 55 x 68 cm. The picture is not painted canvas , it is oil on board / card / thick paper. The picture is a Victorian painting ,it was stuck lightly to the existing modern chipboard substitute backing [ the original backboards have previously been disposed of.] The painting has some damage but is flat. The paper is brittle and weight ,colour, thickness, texture and condition consistent with a deteriorated Victorian painter’s sheet of paper /card /thin board. The paintings reverse has dirt ‘stripes ‘which indicate the item once had pine plank backboards. The item comprises of an original painting , an original frame and a chip/backboard and modern hanging hooks. No original backboards are present.I estimate the painting had been stuck to the chipboard and papered into the frame perhaps 20 to 30 years ago.

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