OIL painting possibly Saint Hilary 18th Century

Malta - Collection Only


18th Century Early Portrait. Saint or Friar / Monk, Italian school possibly Maltese , modern gilt gold effect frame


With staff , rosary and hooded cloak / habit. Unknown origin , unknown/unconfirmed subject. The vestments are Franciscan ?  Probably 18th century , possibly early 19th century. Basic painting technique , possibly subject taken from another source painting. No source painting or definite subject identified.

Frame circa 1980 , modern pine with probably simulated gold leaf [ not paint ] the frame is made of glued pine  and jointed pine and is a modern version of an earlier style frame. Pencil annotations in frame are indistinct.

Relined possibly at time of re-framing.  Canvas now is stable and tight. Two areas of retouching on the white scarf . front canvas doesnt extend to full extent of rear canvas [ the relining ] The lost areas of front early canvas have been filled with gesso /or similar to make the surface flush. This filling was probably done at time of re-lining. The areas of filling are left unpainted/ un retouched. This effect attests to the age of the painting and offers an unusual visual effect of antiquity and distressed age. To this extent the effect is desirable though not in conformity with current styles of conventional restoration . Painting is Italian school, possibly Sicilian or Maltese .Unattributed . Brittle 18th century oil on canvas , relined onto a stronger canvas backing ; Bought reputedly as St. Antony of Padua , I was concerned there are no grasped Lilies as is customary , so I still do not think it can be St.Anthony . I think the picture is another Franciscan monk with rosaries. Could it be Jacopone da Todi ? I dont know. Could it be Saint Hilary after Marten Pepijn ; [ one of his paintings imaged ]

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