An 18th century painting portrait GARLAND of FLOWERS

Malta - Collection Only


In Malta. An 18th century portrait oil on canvas painting of a young woman [ a nun is unlikely due to pearls , jewels and brooch.] with an oval flower decorated border / garland of flowers. The veil has a ‘Greek?’ cross which is not Maltese. The flesh is unusually whiteish in an early manner and reminds me of paintings of Infante  infanta [ Princesses ]. The flowers are exuberant . Spanish or Italian ? A Flemish school ? garland of flowers An optimistic , pleasing colourful painting.

Addendum ; Since recording video , I have gathered images of similar oils and they are enclosed with the item’s photos. They are both Italian origin/ school and Flemish / Dutch origin /schools. Daniel Seghers notable especially for garlands in both Antwerp and Rome.

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